Homecoming season for Surya

On his return to the Mumbai Indians squad after 2013, Suryakumar Yadav a.k.a SKY is considered as one of the most exciting buys for us in the VIVO IPL 2018. He too, was equally excited to share his views on his return to the city where his heart lies and his love for the Wankhede Stadium. He considers MI as his home team and he believes it was at Mumbai Indians where his IPL and domestic career kickstarted. He fell short of words while describing his attachment with the Wankhede Stadium.

“Playing every game at Wankhede Stadium has always been my dream. Whenever I step in at Wankhede, it’s something else, I’m altogether a different person. You can say there’s a lot of attachment with Mumbai.”

Recalling his days in MI from 2011 to 2013, SKY was very clear about what made him so attached to the team. The unity in the team and the bonding between the players was something which he always remembered and cherished. He stressed on the importance of this factor, which shows how remarkably he has developed into a great sporting character.

“Whenever I step into any team, I think this (unity and team bonding) is the main factor which takes the player ahead and makes a very good team and a happy family.”

Today, he has matured as a player and he believes that he has learnt a lot from the senior players. Returning to MI won’t be a difficult transition for him as he shares a good understanding with Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard.

“I’ve played with Rohit, so it won’t be that difficult but obviously, I’ll get to learn a lot. It will be a new journey with everyone like Mahela and all the support staff coming in, and it will be a very, very good experience for me as well.”

When asked about his expectations from the MI’s coaching staff, he was all praises for them. Looking at the players who have developed over the period, he was truly impressed.

“They’ve achieved so much and still they’re coming in and working with each and every player, so it will be a great fun and I will learn a lot from them. I’m looking forward to it.”

He shares a great bond with the power hitter Kieron Pollard and even though he looks forward to meeting him, he tries to keep his mind out of any kind of anticipation and planning. When asked about getting along with the fellow team-mate, he said, “I think that will be very instant because whenever I think that I’m going to meet him and whenever I plan something, it doesn’t go well so let this be a surprise. I think it will be fun when I see him and now, we play for the same team. It will be great.”

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