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  • This activity allows fans to pick their favourite players and earn points based on their actual performance in the match.

  • Participants can enter the Matchday Fantasy by posting their FIVE picks in the comments section. The names must include a minimum of THREE Mumbai Indians players.

  • Participants need to COMMENT their five picks in one comment on the ‘Matchday Fantasy Post’ on Mumbai Indians’ official Facebook page. Picks posted on any other post will NOT be taken into consideration.

    Correct way to comment -

    • Rohit Sharma

    • Evin Lewis

    • Hardik Pandya

    • Opposite team player name 1

    • Opposite team player name 2

  • The Matchday Fantasy Post will be up at 10:00 AM IST every match day, in which Mumbai Indians play a match, on Mumbai Indians' official Facebook page.

  • The deadline to submit the picks for a particular game will be the scheduled start of that match.

  • The points scoring system will be as follows: -

    A. Batting

    • 1 point per run

    • Extra points for strike rates (qualification: min. 20 runs scored): -

      • If SR is under 120: 0 points

      • If SR is between 120-149.99: 5 points

      • If SR is between 150-179.99: 10 points

      • If SR is 180 or higher: 15 points

    • Bonus for 50, 75 & 100 milestones: -

      • 50-74: 10 pts

      • 75-99: 20 pts

      • 100+: 30 pts

    B. Bowling

    • Wicket points

      • 25 points for a wicket

    • Bonus for big hauls: -

      • 3 wickets: 10 pts

      • 4 wickets: 20 pts

      • 5 wickets: 30 pts

    • Extra points for economy rates (qualification: min. 2 overs bowled): -

      • If ER is 8 or more: 0 points

      • If ER is 6.00-7.99: 5 points

      • If ER is 4.00-5.99: 10 points

      • If ER is under 4: 15 points

    C. Fielding

    • 10 points for a catch

    • 10 points for a stumping

    • 10 points awarded to the priority player (player who throws the ball) for a run out

    D. Man of the Match

    • 30 points

  • The winner will be picked on the basis of most points in a single match and will be announced on the day after the match. In the occurrence of a tie in points, the participant who has posted his/her entry first, shall win the daily prize.

  • The winner of the Matchday Fantasy will win one Reliance Digital Gift Voucher worth Rs. 10,000. The winner will need to inbox us their name, contact number, valid Indian residential address and a photo copy of their address proof. Prizes will be dispatched on a timely basis.

  • The winner will be notified in the comments section of the Matchday Fantasy Post as well and all further communication will be done through Facebook messages.

  • Comments from only those Participants shall be considered who have “LIKED” the official Mumbai Indians Facebook Page.

  • The Prize shall be available to only those Participants who have a valid Indian postal address.

  • Participants are required to submit their comments only on the ‘Matchday Fantasy Post’ as put up on the official Mumbai Indians Facebook page and only those comments which are posted before the scheduled start of the match for that particular match will be considered.

  • In case of a participant posting multiple entries, only the first unedited entry from the user will be considered. The first “Comment” on Facebook on the ‘Matchday Fantasy Post’ must not be edited, if it is, then the earlier comment will only be considered.

  • The full name of the players chosen as fantasy picks by participants needs to be mentioned in the comments with their correct spellings. In case the players chosen are misspelt by the participant, his/her entry shall not be considered.

  • In the occurrence of a tie in points, the participant who would have posted the entry first shall win the prize.

  • Pages on Facebook and fake profiles won’t be eligible for the prize if they participate.

  • Comments with less than 5 names will not be considered valid entries.

  • In case there is a comment with more than 5 names, the first 5 correct names will be considered.

  • By clicking on “Comment” on Facebook, the Participant hereby unreservedly agrees and accepts to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as contained herein and further agrees that:

    • Mumbai Indians may use her/his name, likeness or image for promotional and marketing purposes without the requirement for any payment to the Participant and the Participant hereby grants Mumbai Indians the right to do the same and expressly waive any claims against the Organizers in this regard.

    • To release, discharge and hold harmless Mumbai Indians, their legal representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents from any damages whatsoever suffered, sustained or allegedly sustained in connection to Matchday Fantasy or the acceptance of the Prize.

    • These terms and conditions may be altered and/or cancelled, modified or suspended at any time by Mumbai Indians in its sole discretion, without any notice.

    • That Mumbai Indian’s decision is final with respect to all matters relating to selection of messages and awarding of the Prize and shall not be subject to review or appeal by any Participant or by any third party.

  • Mumbai Indians shall not be responsible in the event that “Comments” on Facebook are not received or the Participant is unable to participate or post his/her “Comment” due to any network problem, breakdown in machinery or any other technical error of any nature whatsoever.

  • Mumbai Indians shall in no manner be held responsible for any damage that may occur during the shipping of the Prize.

  • By participating in this Matchday Fantasy, it shall be deemed that you have read, understood and have accepted the terms and conditions as mentioned above and further hereby undertake to fully abide by the same.


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