Purse comparison & IPL Auction rules

351 players are set to go under the hammer, as the countdown to the IPL 2017 Auction is well underway. A bidding tug-of-war will ensue and as the bids get higher, so does the tension! The 8 IPL teams are set to go out to capture those players that could lead them to the much-coveted title.

Mark the date, circle your calendar, do whatever it takes - 20th February, 2017, at 9 AM begins one of the most anticipated events.

Bengaluru forms the perfect setting for another intense IPL Auction.

Rules -
The available players for the IPL auction will be divided into groups based on their respective roles and further into pots.

Bidding for each player will start from the base price. The raising of the paddle by a team signals intent on their part to make the bid. The team that bids the highest amount will sign the player!

The bidding will go on until the teams in contention step aside and the auctioneer deeming the player 'sold'.
If none of the teams raise their paddle, the player goes unsold.

These unsold players will return to the auction after all the other players have received their chance for the first time. The auctioneer offers the teams the opportunity to list the players that they're interested in to start the bidding war.

So, what do you think? Who should be the next Mumbai Indians superstar?

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