Music Teacher Nitesh Sonavane leads the way for blood plasma donation

Nitesh Sonavane, who is a music teacher by profession at Happy Home and School for the Blind, donated his blood for Convalescent Plasma Therapy (CPT) after recovering from the virus.

The visually impaired 28-year-old was diagnosed with the virus in the second week of May. He was discharged after a couple of weeks of treatment.

People who have been infected with the virus develop antibodies as a natural response from the body's immune system. This antibody invades pathogens and works to get rid of the virus in patients. Through CPT, these antibodies are infused into the blood of the infected patients.

Travelling almost 15 kms from Mankhurd, Nitesh returned Nanawati hospital where he was treated for CPT. He not only donated his blood plasma but also set an example for many recovered patients to follow.

He shared his experience with Rupsa Chakraborty from Hindustan Times.

It felt like I was fulfilling my responsibility

On his first day of work after the quarantine period, when the hospital connected with him, Nitesh immediately decided to step up. As soon as he learnt about the advantages of CPT in curbing down the virus, he without any further hesitation decided to donate his blood. His colleagues were also quite supportive.

“It was my first day at work post-quarantine when I received a call from the hospital. I informed my superiors (at the music school) that I wish to donate plasma and they immediately agreed. It felt like I was fulfilling my responsibility.”

There was no reason to let my visual impairment deter my ability to donate plasma

Talking about the whole procedure, Nitesh explained how it took several cycles to complete. He remarked that his visual impairment never acted as a barrier for him while donating. He even vowed to donate again.

“The whole process took around 40 minutes. Through a needle placed into my vein, blood is drawn out. After extraction of the plasma, the blood is returned into the body. This is done in several cycles. There was no reason to let my visual impairment deter my ability to donate plasma. Knowing that I can donate plasma after 15 days, I may return."

We salute these good Samaritans who have selflessly been there for fellow citizens during these difficult times.