MI finish IPL 2021 with a 42-run win over SRH

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23.29 PM IST: 1, 4, 1 - 11 runs come off that final over, but it doesn't matter, because Mumbai Indians have sealed the win. A 42-run win marks the end of IPL 2021 for the Men in Blue and Gold.


23.26 PM IST: 4, 1 - A splendid boundary down the ground and a single for Pandey.  


23.25 PM IST: Trent Boult bowls the final over. Manish Pandey begins with a dot.


23.24 PM IST: Two dots to end the over. Just three singles here. And NCN ends his four-over quota with two wickets. SRH move to 182/8.


23.22 PM IST: CAUGHT & BOWLED by NCN! Saha smashes a full toss from the bowler right back to him and goes for 2 (5). Siddarth Kaul is the new batter in.


23.20 PM IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile comes into the attack. A single each from Pandey and Saha to begin with.


23.19 PM IST: 0, 1, 1 in the next three balls. Saha gets off the mark and Pandey keeps strike as SRH add just three runs in this over. 


23.16 PM IST: Wriddhiman Saha comes in to bat. Bumrah begins with a dot to Saha. 


23.15 PM IST: RASHID IS GONE! A slower delivery gives Bumrah a simple return catch from Rashid Khan, and he's gone for 9 (5). 


23.14 PM IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. Pandey takes a single.


23.13 PM IST: A 4, 1, 1 - Four more and a single for Rashid, while Pandey keeps strike. 10 runs from that over and 1 wicket for SRH as they move to 176/6 in 17 overs.


23.11 PM IST: Rashid Khan comes in. A dot and a four later, he is off the mark too.


23.09 PM IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile comes back, and gets Holder immediately! He clears his front leg and holes out to Boult at long-on.


23.08 PM IST: 1, 1w, 1w, 2, 4 - 10 runs have come from that over for SRH. Manish Pandey gets to his fifty on captaincy debut. SRH move to 166/5.


23.04 PM IST: Jason Holder comes in. 0, 1 to Pandey in the next two deliveries.


23.02 PM IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. STRIKES IMMEDIATELY! Garg is gone for 29 (21) after Garg plays a slower ball too early and Hardik Pandya takes a high catch moving behind mid-on very well.


23.01 PM IST: 6, 4, 1, 1 - Fourteens runs from that over for SRH, with some well-played shots from their captain, Manish Pandey. They move to 156/4 in 15 overs.


22.57 PM IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile comes back into the attack for the 15th over. A single each to Pandey and Garg to begin with.


22.54 PM IST: 1, 1 in the last two balls. Just four from that Boult over. Good bowling here from Trent and SRH move to 142/4 in 14 overs. It's time-out!


22.53 PM IST: 0, 1, 1, 0 - tight bowling so far, mounting pressure on SRH.


22.51 PM IST: Trent Boult returns. 


22.49 PM IST: 2, 1, 2, 1 in the last four balls. 11 runs come off that over, and it is 138/4 for SRH at the end of 13 overs. 


22.48 PM IST: Piyush Chawla comes into the attack. A four from Garg followed by a single to begin the over. 


22.46 PM IST: 4, 1, 4, 6, 1, 0 - Another sixteen run over for SRH, and they move to 127/4 in 12 overs. 


22.41 PM IST: Neesham comes to bowl his third. 2-0-14-2 so far, very effective.


22.40 PM IST: 0, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, - Another neat over from Piyush Chawla here. SRH move to 111/4 in 11 overs.


22.38 PM IST: Chawla comes back into the attack. A dot and a single off the first two deliveries to Garg.


22.36 PM IST: 1, 1, 1, 1 - Four more singles, five runs from that over and a wicket! SRH move to 105/4 in 10 overs.


22.33 PM IST: Neesham on a hat-trick here! A BIG shout for LBW to Garg, but the umpire won't cave. He's given it a leg bye. 


22.31 PM IST: Neesham comes in and STRIKES RIGHT AWAY! Abdul Samad swings his bat, can't middle the ball, and ends up holing out to Pollard at long-on. He does not drop catches, and Samad walks away for 2 (3). Priyam Garg comes in.


22.30 PM IST: Three singles to end the over. Nine overs up, and SRH bring up their 100. A very good over from Chawla, getting a wicket and giving away just five runs. A good comeback after having conceded 16 runs in his first over.


22.28 PM IST: OUT! Pollard runs to his left to long-on and takes it close to the boundary to send Nabi back for just 2 (4).  Abdul Samad walks in next.


22.27 PM IST: Piyush Chawla comes back into the attack. Begins with a single to Nabi. Pandey gets another single and Nabi is back on strike.


22.25 PM IST: 0, 1, 7nb, 4, 2, 0 -  16 runs from that over for SRH. A no ball six too, in the middle, and a well utilised free hit. SRH move to 95/2 in eight overs.


22.22 PM IST: Krunal Pandya is with the ball and Mohammed Nabi is the new batter. Gets off the mark with a single immediately.


22.21 PM IST: OUT! Abhishek sends one up high, but NCN collects the ball cleanly by the boundary to bring MI its second wicket. Nine runs from this over for SRH and the team moves to 79/2 in seven overs.


22.19 PM IST: A four for Pandey, pulled to midwicket. Followed by a single.


22.18 PM IST: Jimmy Neesham comes into the attack. Pandey begins with a single. Abhishek gets himself one too.


22.14 PM IST: 1, 0, 1, 4 - End of the sixth over, SRH move to 70/1. Trent Boult at 2-0-15-1 so far. That also puts a full stop to MI's playoff hopes. But there's a game to win. MI have given it their all, and they will continue to do so. It's time-out.


22.09 PM IST: OUT! Boulty strikes and takes out Roy, who looked threatening. He miscues a bouncer to arially land over the fine leg fielder, and Krunal takes the catch safely. Manish Pandey comes out next.


22.08 PM IST: Trent Boult comes into the attack. Roy begins with a four to fine-leg boundary.


22.07 PM IST: Another four from Abhishek, and a dot to end the over. SRH get 13 more runs from this and move to 60/0 in five overs. 


22.06 PM IST: 1, 4, 4 - A couple of fours from Abhishek Sharma.


22.04 PM IST: Nathan Coulter-Nile comes on. 4/14 in the last game, the Player of the Match, and bagged his personal best in IPL. Begins with a dot to Roy.


22.03 PM IST: 1, 2 in the last two balls to end the over. Roy will be on strike for the next one, and SRH move to 47/0 in four overs.


22.01 PM IST: 1, 0, 5w, 4 - 13 runs so far, two more deliveries to go.


21.59 PM IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack. Roy gets a three runs in the first ball.


21.58 PM IST: 0, 1, 6 - Abhishek finishes the over with a maximum over midwicket to get 16 runs from the over. SRH move to 31/0 in three overs.


21.56 PM IST: Two fours, Roy finds the fence twice consecutively off Chawla.


21.54 PM IST: Piyush Chawla comes into the attack, for the first time in Blue and Gold. Abhishek begins with a single to long-on.


21.53 PM IST: Another four from Roy, followed by a dot. 10 runs come from the second over for SRH, and they move to 15/0 in two overs.


21.52 PM IST: Four from Roy. Slapped to deep midwicket. It is followed by a dot.


21.50 PM IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. Starts with a single to Roy. It is followed by a single to Abhishek.


21.49 PM IST: 0, 0, 2, 1, 0, 2 - Five runs off the first over for SRH, with both openers getting off the mark.


21.48 PM IST: A big shout for LBW for Abhishek Sharma. Not given, but MI have reviewed. No inside edge, but missing the leg stump comfortably. 


21.45 PM IST: A couple of runs to get off the mark for Jason Roy in Boult's third delivery.


21.44 PM IST: Boult to Roy - two dots to begin the second innings, and the chase is underway. 


21.43 PM IST: Jason Roy and Abhishek Sharma have walked out to start the chase. Trent Boult will begin with the ball, of course.


21.40 PM IST: The chase will begin now. MI are having a laugh in the huddle. 


21.35 PM IST: Like Kieron Pollard said, "The one thing the team has is belief." On to the bowlers now.


21.30 PM IST: An 84 (32) from Ishan Kishan, coming out to open the innings, and 82 (40) from Suryakumar Yadav, coming in at No. 5, two spots below his usual position, have put MI in command here. What a treat it was to watch Ishan first steer the innings, and Surya take it ahead from him later on!


21.19 PM IST: Mumbai Indians need to bowl out SRH under 64 to make it to the playoffs. 


21.18 PM IST: A single to end a sensational innings! MI have come all guns blazing in the innings to put up a massive 235/9.


21.17 PM IST: FOUR! Bumrah gets off the mark! An outside edge pushes the ball beyond third man to get the team more runs.


21.16 PM IST: Surya is out! One more catch for Mohammed Nabi, and Surya walks out for 82 (40). Trent Boult comes to the crease.


21.15 PM IST: Two dots in the next two balls for Surya. 82* (39) for him now.


21.24 PM IST: Jason Holder comes into the attack. Piyush Chawla on strike, but he goes for a big shot and is caught at long on by Abdul Samad. Surya is back on strike, and Burmah is the new batter in.


21.21 PM IST: At 230*/7, MI are already at their best ever IPL total. How far will they go? The good news is that Surya has been checked for, given a new helmet and looks ready to go. A dot to end the over. 


21.19 PM IST: A 152 kmph delivery hits Surya on his helmet. The physio is checking up on him for a concussion test. Surya looks like he's in discomfort too.


21.18 PM IST: A hat-trick of FOURS! To deep backward point. Surya moves to 82* (35) now.


21.17 PM IST: FOUR MORE! Doesn't matter who the bolwer is for Surya. They're all getting the same treatment. This time he sends it between extra cover and long-off.


21.16 PM IST: FOUR! This time it is sent off to third man, Surya is in no mood to stop!


21.15 PM IST: Umran Malik comes into the attack. A wide and a dot begins the over.


21.14 PM IST: A single for Surya and a none off Piyush's first ball. Surya has moved to 70* (31), and MI advance to 217/7 in 18 overs.


21.12 PM IST: SIXXX! A full, outside off delivery, Surya walks across to the off side and sends the ball over Holder for a six. 


21.10 PM IST: FOUR from Surya! To backward square leg this time. This man's made the field his own! Surya goes past 4,000 T20 runs, what an impessive record! 


21.09 PM IST: Out, and this time Holder gets NCN. The batter swings leg-side and once again, Nabi, takes a catch at deep midwicket. Piyush Chawla comes in to bat.


21.08 PM IST: Jason Holder comes back. Round the wicket, and two runs to start off the over. He takes the ariel route, but Garg at long on drops it.


21.07 PM IST: FOUR! Clearing the infield at deep extra cover, Surya sends the ball off for a delivery to end the over with 14 coming off it. MI move to 204/6. SKY on 59* (28) now.


21.06 PM IST: FOUR MORE from Surya! One bounce to the boundary. 200 is up for MI. This is the highest team total in the UAE leg of IPL 2021. 


21.04 PM IST: FOUR! Straight down to the ground, strong and confident, from Surya to get to his fifty off 24 deliveries. This is his highest total of this leg of IPL 2021. 


21.03 PM IST: Siddarth Kaul comes into the attack. Surya gets a couple of runs.


21.02 PM IST: A single to end the over from Surya, who keeps the strike. 13 come from that over, and MI move to 190/6 in 16 overs.


21.01 PM IST: A single to new batter Nathan Coulter-Nile, before Surya strikes another FOUR! Once again, swept the ball away.


20.58 PM IST: Krunal is out! Once more, Nabi takes the catch. A ball that is turning away is sliced by Krunal, but finds itself in the cover fielder's hands. 9 (7) for him, and MI move to 184/6, and opt for the time-out.


20.56 PM IST: Rashid Khan comes into the attack. SIX for Yadav off the first ball, as it goes beyond deep square leg! Surya follows that up with a single, moves to 40* (20).


20.54 PM IST: A single to end the over, Surya keeps strike. MI move to 177/5. Five more overs to go, how many runs will the Men in Blue and Gold stack up?


20.53 PM IST: FOUR! In the gap towards midwicket! Surya clears his front well and confidently goes for the shot.


20.52 PM IST: Two more singles here, one each for Surya and Krunal. 


20.51 PM IST: Mohammed Nabi with the ball. Krunal takes a couple of runs to begin the over. It is followed by a single to mid-wicket.


20.50 PM IST: A single to finish the over, and Krunal keeps strike. 16 runs from that over, and MI move to 167/5 in 14 overs.


20.49 PM IST: FOUR for Krunal Pandya, after a single for Surya and a dot for KP. Krunal is off the mark!


20.46 PM IST: SIXX! Goes over the fielder at deep backward square. A length ball on off, angling away, and Surya flicks it brilliantly for six whole runs!


20.45 PM IST: FOUR! Surya scoops a slower ball off the first delivery of Sid Kaul over the 'keeper's head!


20.44 PM IST: 2, 1, 0, 1lb, 1w, W, W - The thirteenth over got only five runs for MI, costing them two wickets too. Krunal Pandya takes his place on the non-striker's end.


20.43 PM IST: Neesham goes immediately. Tries to flick a length ball, outside off, but he only send it to Nabi at cover. 


20.41 PM IST: Pollard is out. A good catch from Jason Roy down the ground, who runs a little to his left to take the catch. Polly has to depart for 13 (12). Jimmy Neesham comes in.


20.40 PM IST: 1, 0, 1lb - Four runs from four deliveries in the 13th over so far.


20.39 PM IST: A couple of runs for Pollard to begin the over with. An inside edge past the leg stump too, but MI won't complain.


20.37 PM IST: Pollard has asked for change of gloves. Abhishek Sharma comes into the attack now. 


20.35 PM IST: 0, 1, 1lb, 1, 4, 0 - seven from the over. MI move to 146/3 in 12 overs now.


20.34 PM IST: Boundary! Surya sweeps one to fine leg. It's slow, but the ball rolls to the ropes as the area is unprotected. 


20.33 PM IST: Rashid Khan to Kieron Pollard. A dot and a run to long-on off the first two deliveries.


20.31 PM IST: Two singles to end the over, and Polly will keep strike. 139/3 in 11 overs for the Mumbai Indians.


20.30 PM IST: A FOUR from Surya, scooped over leg side! Polly had passed him the strike with a single.


20.28 PM IST: A huge shout for LBW for Polly here. Given out, but the Big Man, consulting with Surya, has requested a review. UltraEdge shows a flat line, but, the wickets are missing here in the ball tracking! No one, including Polly, expected it. He had walked out after the UltraEdge, but it looks like he's here to stay!


20.25 PM IST: Siddarth Kaul comes back into the attack. A single off Yadav to begin the over.


20.24 PM IST: 1, 1, 1 - A wicket and seven runs in that over. MI move to 131/3 at the halfway mark.


20.22 PM IST: FOUR! Surya is off the mark in the very first ball, with a Nataraja shot! It is followed by a dot.


20.20 PM IST: Ishan has to leave. Umran Malik strikes for SRH, and the Pocket Dynamo departs. He edges one to 'keeper Saha, and his sensational innings comes to an end. 84 (32) from Ishan, and Suryakumar Yadav takes strike in his teammate's place.


20.18 PM IST: Ishan takes a single to keep strike. MI move to 124/2 in 9 overs.


20.17 PM IST: FOUR from Pollard, and he is off the mark! He follows that up with a single.


20.15 PM IST: Big Man Kieron Pollard has entered. Five wides in the first delivery, as Saha can't get behind a wide ball from Holder.


20.14 PM IST: Hardik goes. In the slot, but Hardik holes it out to long on instead. Two wickets down for 113 for MI now.


20.13 PM IST: Jason Holder with the ball again, starts with a wide. It is followed by a dot, only the eighth in this game so far. Meanwhile, Ishan has moved on to 83* (30).


20.11 PM IST: Hardik takes a single in the last ball, keeps strike. MI move to 112/1 in eight overs.


20.10 PM IST: SIXX! Now Hardik wants to get involved more than just be a mere spectatre, and the fans will only approve of it! A turning-in google, and the batter clears his front leg to swing one over cow corner.


20.09 PM IST: Three singles, Hardik on strike now.


20.07 PM IST: Rashid comes is with the ball, and Ishan HAMMERS ONE OVER HIS HEAD FOR SIX RUNS! A slog sweep to deep midwicket.


20.06 PM IST: A single from Ishan to end the over. 13 runs come off it, and Ishan keeps strike. MI move to 96/1 in seven overs.


20.04 PM IST: SIXXXX! Magnificently hit above long-on. Malik's slow ball was well read, and well treated by Ishan!


20.02 PM IST: Two singles later, Ishan is back on strike. 


20.00 PM IST: Umran Malik comes into the attack. A dot to Ishan, but he follows that up with FOUR runs!


19.57 PM IST: Hardik comes in at No. 3. Ishan on strike!


19.56 PM IST: Rohit is out! After helping Ishan give MI a fantastic start, a good length, outside off delivery urges Ro to play it. He gets a top edge, and Nabi takes a catch. 18 (13) for the MI skipper.


19.55 PM IST: Rashid Khan comes into the attack for the final over of the powerplay! Rohit begins with a single. Ishan returns the strike to his skipper with another single.


19.53 PM IST: FOUR MORE to end the over. Above the bowler's head this time! MI move to 78/0 in five overs. 


19.52 PM IST: FOUR to deep mid-wicket! Ishan drags this wide, length ball beautifully. It is followed by a couple of runs.


19.51 PM IST: Can't keep Ro quiet! A FOUR flicked comfortably to deep backward square leg, and it is followed by a single.


19.49 PM IST: Umran Malik comes into the attack. Begins with a dot to Rohit Sharma.


19.47 PM IST: 22 runs from that big over off Jason Holder here. MI move to 63/0 in four overs!


19.46 PM IST: TWO MORE FOURS! Ishan brings up his fifty in 16 deliveries, the fastest this seaon. And with that cracking shots, we can hear some records break too!


19.45 PM IST: A couple of runs and a SIX for Ishan! Top-edged to fine leg here. It is followed by a wide!


19.43 PM IST: Jason Holder comes into the attack, and is invited with a FOUR from Rohit. The ball just falls short of Rashid at deep backward square leg. He follows that up with a single.


19.42 PM IST: 4, 1, 4, 1, 1, 4 - Yes, the over ended with another four from Ishan, and MI get 15 off Nabi's second over, moving to 41/0 in three overs.


19.41 PM IST: A single, followed by FOUR more from Ishan! He gets low, and swipes a slog behind square on the leg side.


19.39 PM IST: Now Rohit sends one off for FOUR runs! Mohammed Nabi is back, and is immediately punched towards the boundary.


19.38 PM IST: ANOTHER FOUR! A short ball is sent off towards third man. He ends the over with a couple of runs, and gets 18 from it to push MI to 26/0 in two overs. 


Here's what the second over looked like - 0, 4, 4, 4, 4, 2!


19.37 PM IST: A Hattrick of fours! This one is slapped in front of cover-point. He is on fire!


19.36 PM IST: FOUR MORE! A flat bat shot over the bowler's head!


19.35 PM IST: FOUR! Ishan pulls one just wide of mid on, at which Jason Holder tried to take a catch. But the trajectery was beyond his reach.


19.34 PM IST: Siddarth Kaul comes in from the other end. Begins with a dot.


19.33 PM IST: 0, 1, 0, 0 - Eight runs from the first over. Ishan on strike for the next one. 


19.31 PM IST: ISHAN BEGINS WITH A SIX! It's only ball number two, and the first for the Pocket Dynamo, and he's displayed his intentions already.


19.30 PM IST: Mohammed Nabi bowls the first delivery. Rohit is off the mark with a single.


19.28 PM IST: Rohit Sharma walks out and takes his position on the striker's end. Ishan Kishan stands opposite his captain.


19.27 PM IST: The two umpires are ready. Manish Pandey and Co. come streaming onto the field.


19.21 PM IST: Meanwhile, here's some food for thought:


19.11 PM IST: Here are the eleven men in Blue and Gold who will walk out to face the Orange Army tonight. 


19.08 PM IST: Krunal Pandya comes back into the team, and Piyush Chawla will play too. Jayant Yadav and Saurabh Tiwary will miss this game.


19.06 PM IST: Rohit calls it right at the toss, and the Men in Blue and Gold will bat first.


19.05 PM IST: A delayed toss here today, since, for the first time in IPL history two games are being played at the same time. Rohit Sharma and Manish Pandey, Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad representatives have come out.


18.55 PM IST: Five minutes to toss time. Let us follow Boom into Sheikh Zayed Stadium ahead of today's game!


18.48 PM IST: Our favourite kind of vibe - that of a matchday energy!


18.45 PM IST: A little catch-up with Suryakumar Yadav ahead of the team's 14th IPL 2021 game. 

"Staying consistent is the key at this point of my career. Trying to be always there whenever the team requires and contributing to the team's victory - that's the most important thing which I have been working on."


18.40 PM IST: Hello, Paltan. Welcome to the LIVE updates of the Men in Blue and Gold's last group stage game.