Delhi Capitals beat Mumbai Indians by 6 wickets

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23.27 PM IST: Not our game today, but we move on. The next game is against PKBS on the 23rd of April, 2021. 


23.25 PM IST: A four and a no-ball from Kieron Pollard seals the deal for the Delhi Capitals. There was a minor moment of rejoicing at the second delivery, which was sliced directly to mid-off but the celebration didn't last long, as the umpire signalled a no-ball.


23.23 PM IST: It is a West Indian affair here at the Chepauk. Shimron Hetmyer vs his white ball captain, Kieron Pollard.


23.21 PM IST: 10 runs from Bumrah's final over, the 19th over in the game. Delhi Capitals need 5 off 6 to win, and need four runs for a Super Over. Pollard to bowl the final over.


23.19 PM IST: Oh no, there's a second no-ball siren that rings. Yet again, DC get only one run from the following delivery.


23.15 PM IST: Bumrah bowls the penultimate over for MI. It's a no-ball to start off with, but gives only 1 off the next legal delivery.


23.14 PM IST: Three singles and a four from the new batsman off the 18th over. DC need 15 off 12 balls. Trent Boult ends with figures of 4-0-23-0.


23.10 PM IST: Some LBW appeal and a requested review from MI off the first ball of the 18th over. It's pitched outside leg, so no wicket for MI here. But more importantly, it is a precious dot.


23.08 PM IST: The over ends with a single. With 9 runs from the 17th, DC are at 116/4. Both Bumrah and Trent have one over each and DC need 22 off 18.


23.06 PM IST: And the death over specialist strikes again! Bumrah gets the big fish, Rishabh Pant, who has to walk back for 7 (8). Shimron Hetmyer comes in for his captain.


23.04 PM IST: Lalit Yadav gets a boundary. Four more runs, including a wide, comes off the next two deliveries.


23.01 PM IST: Burmah is in to continue the bowling attack. 


22.58 PM IST: A four from Pant and two singles in Boult's third over. DC need 31 off 24 here to pull off a win.


22.56 PM IST: Boult comes into the attack now. Things are getting tighter here. Two dots, along with a mix-up between the wickets in the first two balls.


22.55 PM IST: 11 runs from Chahar's last over, but also the important wicket of Dhawan. Chahar finishes with 4-0-29-1. DC's captain Rishabh Pant is the new batsman in.


22.52 PM IST: Dhawan goes! Chahar brings in a crucial breakthrough! Dhawan tries to drag a slog sweep from a much fuller legbreak from the bowler. He can't get underneath the ball enough and holes it out to Krunal Pandya at long leg, who takes a good catch to dismiss the DC opener!


22.51 PM IST: 6, 4, 0, 0 from Chahar's over so far. 10 runs already. 


22.50 PM IST: DC need 48 off six overs. Chahar continues his spell. 


22.47 PM IST: Jayant ends his four overs with Prithvi Shaw's wicket and 25 runs. Clinical bowling from the offie here. It's time for a strategic time-out.


22.43 PM IST: Just one more over to go for Jayant to finish his quote for the day, can he spin his magic on DC again?


22.42 PM IST: Before the previous over, Pollard was seen having a word with the umpire about there being too much dew on the ball. There is a replacement ball coming in for the next bowler - Jayant Yadav.


22.40 PM IST: Just a single off the last ball to end the over. DC is at 86/2 at the end of the 13th over and need 52 to win.


22.39 PM IST: 1, 0, 1 from the leggie so far. Will the second half of the over mirror these numbers?


22.37 PM IST: Rahul Chahar continues from the other end. 


22.35 PM IST: A four, three singles and a couple of dots in Bumrah's return into the attack. Delhi Capitals need 55 off 48 to pocket their two points.


22.31 PM IST: Bumrah comes into the attack now.


22.29 PM IST: 4, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1 - eight runs from Chahar's over here. There's a big edge in the last delivery, but no slip in place to pocket the catch. DC are at 76/2 at the 11-over mark.


22.25 PM IST: Chahar comes back into the attack. Anything to rattle Shikhar Dhawan out of his comfort zone.


22.24 PM IST: 4 runs, 1 wicket and in his first over! Pollard's become our go-to man. A great way to put the breaks on a steady DC innings.


22.22 PM IST: Lalit Yadav walks in to bat. He starts off with a double.


22.20 PM IST: WICKET! It's Steve Smith's turn to walk back to the dugout! Smith misses a full ball that skid into his pad. If not for his leg, it did look like the ball would hit the stumps. Is this the breakthrough MI needed?


22.19 PM IST: Strategic time-out is over. Stand-in captain Kieron Pollard brings himself on for the 10th over. Which direction will things head for from here?


22.14 PM IST: 1, 4, 0, 4, 2, 1 - A tad bit expensive from Krunal Pandya. Shikhar Dhawan and Steve Smith bring up 50+ runs in their parternship.


22.10 PM IST: Just five runs off Jayant Yadav's third over. DC are at 52/1 at the eight-over mark. Slow and steady for the Men in Blue and Gold.


22.06 PM IST: 2, 1, 2, 0 from the next four balls for Chahar. DC are at 47/1 at the end of their seventh over.


22.03 PM IST: Rahul Chahar comes in from the other end. He starts off with two singles. He has been great at Chepauk so far. Can he do it for the Mumbai Indians yet again?


22.00 PM IST: Just two more singles to finish the over. Some tight overs from MI to restrict DC to 39/1 in the powerplay. 


21.58 PM IST: Krunal Pandya gets a go with the ball now. Three singles from the first three balls to start the spell.


21.55 PM IST: 1, 2, 2wd, 0 from the rest of the over. DC are at 34/1 at the five over mark. MI were at 45/1 at this stage.


21.52 PM IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack. 0, 1, 0 so far.


21.49 PM IST: A four and two singles as Jayant continues his spell. 28/1 in 4 over for the Delhi Capitals. 


21.45 PM IST: Six runs from Boult's second over. DC are at 22/1 at the end of the third.


21.42 PM IST: Steve Smith is the new batter to come in. It's two explosive batsmen against a bunch of bowlers who have consistenly defended low totals. How is this going to end? Currently, DC are at 16/1 at the end of the second over.


21.40 PM IST: Jayant Yadav shares the new ball and strikes quickly! He gives away a 2 and a 4 in the first two balls, but recovers quickly and sends back Prithvi Shaw! He punched the ball right to the bowler's hand, who completed a tumbling, but a clean catch to dismiss the opener.


21.34 PM IST: A sensational catch by Hardik at short cover to send back the Delhi opener. A lot of confusion as to whether the ball is grounded or not. Hardik dove hard to get his hands on a leading edge off Dhawan's bat. Third umpire says not out, and the first over ends at 5/0 for DC.


21.30 PM IST: Boult opens the bowling for the Men in Blue and Gold. Prithvi Shaw opens the batting along with Shikhar Dhawan for DC.


21.23 PM IST: The bowlers are seen rolling their arms and warming up. The defense is coming up soon.


21.18 PM IST: It is a 138-run target for the Delhi Capitals. 


21.14 PM IST: Trent Boult comes in and takes a single. Bumrah ends the MI innings with another one. It's 137/9 for MI at the 20th over.


21.11 PM IST: This time, Khan gets Chahar, who has to go back for 6 (6).


21.10 PM IST: A four from new batter Rahul Chahar here. It is a slot ball from Avesh Khan. Chahr responds by moving out and scooping it over the keeper. 


21.07 PM IST: Jayant Yadav tries to scoop a shorter Rabada delivery over the keeper's head. He fails to do so and Rabada takes a simple return catch to send Jayant back after 23 (22). MI are at 130/8 with one more over to go.


21.03 PM IST: 5 runs and 1 wicket from that over. MI are at 125/7 and have 12 more balls to set a desired target.


21.01 PM IST: 26 (28), and Ishan has to walk back. A slow, wide yorker dips under the bat. He swats his bat and the ball bounces and takes off the stump. Mishra gets his fourth.


20.58 PM IST: 6 runs from the over brings MI to the 120-run mark. Jayant takes a single off the last ball to keep the strike. Three more overs to go.


20.55 PM IST: A four towards fine-leg for Ishan! Rabada bowls a short ball on leg stump, and Ishan swats it away past short fine-leg.


20.54 PM IST: 13 runs from Ashwin's over, and we can almost hear collective sigh of relief from the Paltan. MI are at 114/6 with four more overs to go.


20.50 PM IST: A six to long-off from Ishan here! Mumbai Indians get a few welcome runs as Ishan reaches out for a widely tossed ball and swishes it down the ground.


20.49 PM IST: 101/6 for MI with five overs to go. Jayant Yadav and Ishan Kishan are at the crease. 


20.45 PM IST: 7 runs come off Stoinis' over. At the end of the 14th, MI are at 96/6. 


20.42 PM IST: Jayant Yadav, donning the Blue and Gold for the first time this season, gets a four to end MI's 4+ over boundary drought. He flicks away an attempted cutter from Stoinis to get his boundary.


20.37 PM IST: Lalit Yadav completes his third over, gives away only 5 runs. It's 89/6 for MI at 13 overs before the team takes a strategic time-out.


20.31 PM IST: It's Kieron's Pollard's turn to go back. Mishra is the reason for his departure. He bowls a slower wrong'un, which goes unnoticed by the batsman. The ball hits the back-pad on the knee roll. Polly reviews, but it's the umpire's call that matters. MI's scoreboard reads 84/6 at the end of the 12th over.


20.25 PM IST: Lalit Yadav bowls out the other Pandya brother. Krunal didn't read the under-cutting arm-ball and chops it back into his own stumps. MI at 81/5 at 10.4 overs. 


20.22 PM IST: Three dots from Ashwin to end the order. Just one off the over and Krunal and Ishan are at the crease. MI are at 78/4 at the halfway mark.


20.20 PM IST: Ashwin comes into the attack. 0, 0, 1 so far. MI need to tread cautiously.


20.18 PM IST: The new man, Hardik Pandya, joins his captain back in the dugout just two balls later. He holes off an off-stump delivery to the long-on yet again. Two wickets in three balls for Amit, and two catches for Steven Smith. MI at 77/4 at the end of the ninth over.


20.16 PM IST: Rohit goes after an entertaining and timely knock of 44 (30). An outside off delivery, Rohit wants to loft it away. Unfortunately, he doesn't get under it enough and drags it towards long-on.


20.15 PM IST: 2, 4 from the first two balls of the next over by Rohit. He sliced a short, wide ball between short third man and point for a four.


20.13 PM IST: Ishan Kishan is the new man in. Lalit Yadav bowls his first over. Just 3 of it. MI are at 70/2 in eight overs.


20.09 PM IST: Surya has to depart off the last delivery of Avesh Khan's. Surya opens the bat to send a back-of-a-length delivery down third man, but it comes closer to his body, edges it to the keeper, who safely takes the catch. He goes for 24 (15).


20.07 PM IST: Another six from Ro! A shot ball, hardly reaches high enough before Rohit puts it away for a six! 


20.05 PM IST: Back from a strategic time-out, but MI's momentum continues. Avesh Khan comes into the attack. 4 byes of the second ball of his over.


20.01 PM IST: 10 runs from that last powerplay over. 55/1 in 6 overs for the Mumbai Indians! 


19.59 PM IST: Amit Mishra into the attack? No problem! Two consecutive fours for Surya here. A really full ball from Amit is treated with a move towards outside leg, getting underneath the length and slicing it towards extra cover! It is followed by a classic Surya sweep at just away from short fine leg!


19.57 PM IST: 14 off Rabada's over. MI at 45/1 in five overs. Momentum back on for the team!


19.56 PM IST: Rohit is in Hitman mode here! A massive six from him. He backs up, exposes the stumps, treats the fullish ball from Rabada with a lot of power and it goes of to a 95m six!


19.54 PM IST: Rabada comes into the attack, but receives the same treatment! No slip means Surya's edge runs away for a four.


19.52 PM IST: A single handed six from Rohit to end the over! He moves towards leg-side and middles the ball to send it over extra cover. Mumbai Indians at 31/1 in 4 overs!


19.51 PM IST: Another four for the skipper! Rohit drops on his knee and slogs it away over backward square leg!


19.49 PM IST: It's Surya's turn with the boundaries now! Didn't pick the carrom ball from Ashwin, edged it away and turned an attempted cover-drive towards the third man fence. 


19.47 PM IST: Rohit gets a the first boundary of the game! Another outside-off ball from Stoinis. Rohit jabs it away through extra cover in the last ball of the over.


19.41 PM IST: QdK leaves early. An off-cutter from Marcus Stoinis off the first ball of his second over forces an edge from the South African while attempting to push it away towards covers. An easy catch for Rishabh Pant. Suryakumar Yadav is the new batsman in.


19.40 PM IST: Cautious start from the MI batsmen here. 3 from Ashwin's over. Mumbai Indians are at 9/0 from two overs.


19.37 PM IST: Local boy Ravichandran Ashwin gets on with bowling duties for DC.


19.36 PM IST: An appeal for LBW for Rohit, and a double in the last ball ends MI's first over. The team gets 6 off it.


19.34 PM IST: MI go off the mark with a single from Rohit in the second ball.


19.32 PM IST: Rohit on strike. Stoinis is with the new ball. The match gets underway with a dot.


19.29 PM IST: Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock walk in to open the batting for the Men in Blue and Gold. The teams have taken their positions. It's 60 seconds of anticipation now!


19.28 PM IST: Team DC sprints into the field spiritedly, pepped up by talks from Rishabh Pant and Steven Smith.


19.25 PM IST: After all, it's a clash we can't wait to see!


19.17 PM IST: A closer look at our playing XI! 


19.13 PM IST: Paltan, cast your votes while you wait for the match to start!


19.12 PM IST: Paltan, do you remember whose wicket Jayant took in the IPL 2020 final?


19.06 PM IST: Delhi Capitals, Playing XI - 

Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Steven Smith, Rishabh Pant(w/c), Marcus Stoinis, Shimron Hetmyer, Lalit Yadav, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kagiso Rabada, Amit Mishra, Avesh Khan


19.05 PM IST: Mumbai Indians, Playing XI -

Quinton de Kock(w), Rohit Sharma(c), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Rahul Chahar, Jayant Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Trent Boult


19.03 PM IST: For the Delhi Capitals, who are playing their first game here, Shimron Hetmyer and Amit Mishra come in.


19.01 PM IST: "Due to the conditions, Adam Milne misses out and Jayant Yadav comes in." - Rohit Sharma


19.00 PM IST: Captain Ro wins the toss! The Men in Blue and Gold will bat first! 


18.55 PM IST: It is always heartening to see this much support, Paltan!


18.50 PM IST: A big game awaits us tonight! Just 10 minutes for the toss. Paltan, what are your thoughts?