Support The Frontline group distributes over 8000 meals to healthcare workers

Many good samaritans in the society have been initiating praiseworthy work during these difficult times. A group in Worli has been providing the frontline workforce with meals over the last month.

Ryan Pereira, who hails from Worli, alongside his group has been doing a noble job for healthcare workers as well as policemen in the ongoing pandemic. Working under 'Support The Frontline', they have managed to serve over 8000 breakfast meals and look forward to extending this gratitude to more essential workers.

The 31-year-old, who is a Strength and Conditioning specialist, oversaw the struggles that people underwent in the initial lockdown period. Noticing the plight of various healthcare workers in his locality, Ryan decided to help by providing them with clean and hygienic nutrition.

He explained the efforts of the group in an exclusive conversation with

“We ensured good quality food that would help the healthcare workers continue their fight”

Firstly, he reached out to various police stations and hospitals in order to understand their food requirements. The funds were raised as his group started to carry out the operation under the name 'Support The Frontline'. Ryan asserted how the process began swiftly.

"It only took a phone call with a dear friend and mentor of mine, Mr Kanu Gupta and Chef Sushil Multani, who ran Savor Experience. They immediately decided to come on board and help us prepare healthy and hygienic food at Rs.30/meal. The food was prepared at Savor Kitchen while I managed to borrow a friend’s SUV who was kind enough to let us use the car for deliveries ever since we started our operations"

Further, Ryan provided a list of food items that were being served to the healthcare workers on a daily basis. Right from Upma to Poha, the group has been ensuring that the quality of food is up to the standard.

"We’ve been providing them with a range of breakfast meals. Our food included healthy options like Multigrain Upma, Kanda Poha, Sheera, Khaman Dhokla, Poha Chivda and Masala Idlis. This is usually delivered at 7 AM throughout the week. We ensured good quality food, hygiene and taste that would help the healthcare workers continue their fight against the pandemic."

“We've so far served over 8000 meals and look to take this number further”

The group has gone on to distribute over 8000 meals and looks forward to fueling this further with the help of more donations. Ryan mentioned that he has got a whole team of dedicated members who have been carrying out the task. Right from Chefs to delivery agents to social designers, everyone has been doing their bit to emerge victorious over the crisis.

"Our team consists of six members. Chef Sushil would remotely guide us with instructions and insights to his team at the kitchen via a video call. There are two Chefs who have the ability to cook 1000 meals a day if required. An Operations Head who manages to pack the meals and maintain hygiene and quality checks. I would transport these meals. Ruchi Mehta is our designer who makes the creatives that go up on our Instagram to help inform our donors and supporters, how their money is being utilised."

Last but not the least, he also mentioned the donors and supporters' contributions ranging from Mumbai to the ones who used to live here once.

We are looking to extend this to more hospitals, police stations, etc

Ryan admits that he didn't expect the cause to make such a huge difference on the ground level initially. Despite the challenges that they have faced, Ryan has vowed to reach out to more frontline workers.

"I was pleasantly surprised to watch this grow and actually make a difference on the ground level. We managed to cope with what we had and overcame a few obstacles to put this together. We are looking to extend this to more hospitals, police stations and even BMC workers who have been working tirelessly to get the city back on its feet. The goal is to keep going. We are not an NGO. Just a group of people who want to help our city frontline workers with good quality and hygienic nutrition."

It hasn't been the best of times but stories like these from different quarters in the city have been restoring faith in humanity. Mumbai Indians salute these unsung heroes for displaying their nobility.

"The purpose is simple. Feed the men and women on the frontline who put everything on the line while serving the public."