“You have to teach me how you do that no-look six”: SKY to DB

By Vineet Anantharaman

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It’s a proper mutual admiration club. One of them doesn’t need to look up to see if what he’s hit has gone the distance. The other looks at every inch of the 360-degree outfield as he smashes them around. Together, there’s no bowler they’d spare, and no shot in the book they won’t play. And when they get talking, SKY dada and young DB are a like a house on fire. From batting tips, to butter chicken, to biryani, to that 57-ball 162, they covered it all. 

“I’m just trying to copy the way you bat,” Suryakumar Yadav told Dewald Brevis as they chatted together in an exclusive chat on the Mumbai Indians channel. “You have to teach me how you do that no-look six”. 

DB was gushing in his reply. “I would love to. It would be an honour, but I would love to learn lots of shots from you as well. I want to tell you a funny story of this. My no-look just happens. It’s weird. I don’t know. It just happens. I always felt that if I keep my head down it helps. And then it just happens.” 

You cannot talk about Brevis these days and not bring up that thunderstorm of a knock he played in the CSA T20 Challenge. A 35-ball century, 162 off 57 balls at the end, with 13 sixes and 13 fours. Surya was just as stunned! 

“I saw on MI’s page that you got a 55-ball 160+ [57-ball 162]. What did you eat on that day?” Surya asked what all of us have been asking. 

“I had my normal omelette in the morning,” Dewald laughed. 

“I just had another normal day. It just happened. I didn’t even realize what I was doing in that moment. I think everything just happened while in that moment. I played every ball at its own time. Ball by ball I tried that. And then at the end, I told one guy ‘I’m going to try to hit and hit every ball for six now’, and he said ‘looks like you have been doing that in this whole innings’.” 

“It just happened. It was a moment thing. It was a special innings I must say.” 

And then it was time to return the compliment. Aapla dada’s current form has been absolutely dreamy. He’s just been scoring runs for fun. Our young 19-year-old dasher has truly been inspired. It’s almost feels like a fresher looking up to a cool senior. 

“What you have achieved in the World Cup, being able to just bat like that throughout the tournament. It’s not just in one match with the strike-rate up there, average up there, runs up there and everything. Congratulations on being the no.1 T20 batsman. That’s just insane. If anything, I must learn and I want to learn from you,” Brevis added. 

One thing is certain; both SKY and DB have grown leaps in this last year. And if this is their chemistry in a video chat across continents, imagine what they’d be together, on the pitch, at the Wankhede! Woah. Goosebumps exploding! 

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