We have bowled consistently well the last few games: Shane Bond

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Our bowling coach Shane Bond attended the post-match press conference and talked about our bowlers’ performances and how impressed he is with Dan Sams and our younger bowlers.

When asked about the bowlers getting better as the season went on, Bond noted that it took some time for them to settle in and the outcome has become clearer in the last few games.

“As a bowling unit, we have been better for 4-5 games. They were understanding their roles and the last few games, we have been more aggressive, we have bowled more short balls. At the same time, we have also been calm in tough situations,” felt Bond.

“We have had consistent performances now, we have played well earlier as well but a few bad overs had knocked us out of games. That has not happened recently, so that’s a big improvement,” he added. 

The coach was also impressed with Dan Sams, who has turned his season around after a tough start.

“I have known Dan for a long time, so we have a close working relationship. He would admit it was disappointing early in the season but he worked really hard. Now he is taking key wickets for us up top, that over against GT was unbelievable as well. It’s great to see a player get a run of performances, he is a quality player and he is getting better and better,” said Bond. 

On the decision to promote him up the order, Bond revealed that it was not a spur-of-the-moment, rather it was planned in advance.

“We did not just send him up to shield our batters against the swing, we wanted Dan to show his talent with the bat. We know he can do that role,” he said.

Finally, Bond was all praise for the in-form Bumrah and youngsters like Hrithik Shokeen and Kumar Kartikeya Singh, who have shone with the ball in the chances they have got. 

“I love to talk about Boom, he is a wonderful player. He often doesn’t get wickets that he deserves sometimes, that 5/10 vs KKR could have happened on a lot of other days. It’s nice to see him get some rewards. Hrithik is a confident character, he has got some good skills and he has been bowling well, it’s the same with Kartikeya. It’s nice to see these young spinners bowling well,” concluded Bond. 

One of our most memorable bowling performances and that too at the Wankhede made it almost the perfect match for us and we would sure like more of these soon!